Streamline your wedding venue marketing to five high-reward tasks to place your venue in the spotlight, get to the top of Google and increase bookings.
There are a whole lot of myths out there when it comes to SEO and how to get your wedding venue to the top of Google. There’s also a whole lot of advice, tricks to try and hacks to make it happen, but they’re often general and overly technical. It can be hard to understand how they apply to you and your wedding venue marketing.
Your marketing hours are limited and you need to make bookings happen, so today I’m here to give you five steps you can action today to help get your wedding venue to the top of Google. Weave them into your regular wedding venue marketing routine and watch your ranking climb and the couples come in.

Create, create, create

This one should come naturally to wedding planners and venue managers. Your daily schedule revolves around creating magical days, unique for each couple, after all.
To level up your wedding venue marketing and get your wedding venue to the top of Google, you need to bring that same ethos to your website. Create the wedding, then follow up and create the inspirational content that will bring more wedding enquiries in.
Real wedding blog posts with keyword targeting. Optimised image galleries with ALT tags in place. Regular updates with new couple testimonials to let Google know you’re open for business. Weave these into your wedding planning routine and you’ll be rocking your wedding venue marketing in no time.

Little and often

Fortunately for you, there’s one thing that both couples and Google both love: consistency. Feed a couple’s imagination and hook them on your venue with a steady stream of ultra helpful, ultra inspirational content.
At the same time, you’ll be ticking Google’s boxes by publishing high quality, keyword optimised content regularly. This is where a blog becomes essential, and a UK wedding copywriter the partner you need.

Don’t ditch the tech

It’s not pretty and it’s not glamorous, but if you want to get your wedding venue to the top of Google, you’re going to have to tackle it. It’s time to get up to speed on the tech side of things.
That means making sure your images load quickly and your links all work. Making sure your image ALT tags are filled in and SEO titles assigned. That meta descriptions are written and keywords carefully woven, but never overdone. And that your bounce rate sits around the sweet spot, so Google knows your couples find value in what they see.

Love it, list it

If part of your wedding venue marketing involves listing with directories, remember that they can help get your wedding venue to the top of Google too.
Make sure directory listings are finely tuned to target your ideal client. A directory will be filled with options for couples, you need to be the one that stands out.
But don’t overlook keyword targeting for this kind of content too, because a carefully targeted listing on a trusted website is likely to feature highly on Google too.

Partner up

No wedding is an island. Just as you plan a celebration with a team of vendors, you can promote your wedding venue with the very same team.
Many wedding venues have a list of preferred suppliers to help couples pull together their dream team. If your website links to them, it gives them a boost in Google’s eyes. They must be the real deal if they have your support.
Links from them can do the same. So, reach out and see if they’ll feature a link back to you too. This could be on a favourite venues page, or even in a real wedding blog post or wedding portfolio page. The possibilities are yours for the taking.
I hope these tips to get your wedding venue to the top of Google have given you some easy to implement action steps to level up your marketing today. If you’re tight for time or drawing a blank, get in touch.
As your dedicated UK wedding copywriter, I will work behind the scenes to help your wedding venue take centre stage. I believe SEO is so important, it is built in to every wedding copywriting service I offer. That means you can have the confidence that the copy we create will deliver: enquiries, bookings and a serious Google boost.

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