Discover the low cost, high impact marketing ideas for wedding venues to climb Google, supercharge enquiries and book more weddings.
Marketing ideas for wedding venues come in all shapes and sizes. Printed materials, on-site experiences, press features and digital showcases. But with budgets pinched tighter than ever this year, which marketing ideas will set you up for success, and which can you take into your own hands?

Push for publicity

PR can often be a marketing task that ends up on the back burner when pressing wedding venue tasks take over, but it shouldn’t be. Now is the time to really step up your game, to make sure it’s your venue that stands out as weddings return and couples choose their venue.
A sense of myth often shrouds PR and it can be daunting to know where to start. So, as as a former wedding magazine journalist, let me give you a few ideas. Almost every magazine or wedding website is packed with inspirational real weddings, styled shoots and advice-led content – things like how tos, and Q&As.
Choose which platforms and publications align with and are read by your target couples, and get submitting! Be sure to follow their submission guidelines and you’ll soon be building SEO-savvy and traffic-building backlinks that drive venue enquiries forwards.

Smash it on social

Just because weddings as we know and love them are on hold for now, does not mean couples are too! Hundreds if not thousands will have become engaged in the last few months alone, with more engagements in the pipeline as peak season looms. Capture their hearts from the moment they say yes with social content they can’t resist.
Be ready to respond helpfully to messages, to inspire with ideas and to be ready to deliver a virtual or in-person show around when you can.

Grow with Google

If your wedding venue appears at the top of a search for venues in your area, then you’re already onto a winner. You’re getting couples through your digital doors, onto your website, where you’re primed and ready to help them fall head over heels for your venue.
But what if your venue isn’t on the first page of Google? We can do something about that. Whether you invite me to be your on-call SEO wedding copywriter, ask for a SEO website blitz, or want to learn more about how to DIY it, get in touch and let’s get your venue that attention it deserves.

Pause and refresh

In the throes of wedding season, reimagining your venue website or updating the content may seem like a pipe dream. There simply isn’t time. But now there is, and I’m going to help you capitalise on it.
Weddings date and they date quickly. Trends don’t just change by the year, they change by the season, but you want to be promoting the best version of your venue all the time.
Revisit your galleries and image placements. Ask yourself if they are what today’s couples want to see. If they are, hooray! If not, it’s time to update.
The same applies to your website wording. Selling an experience is so much more powerful than simply describing facilities. Can your copy really compete?
As a UK wedding copywriter, I’ve worked with established venues and brand new venues, covering low budget, high impact updates and large scale launches. Let me know how your venue fits into the picture and I will hone and polish your content so that it captures couples hearts and supercharges your SEO.
I hope these low budget, high return marketing ideas for wedding venues have given you an actionable framework to leap forwards and make 2021 your best year yet. Whether your project is great or small, if you need a sprinkle of advice or a hand crafting copy, I’d love for you to get in touch. And for more of the good stuff, check out these wedding marketing tips you can action in an hour or less.

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