Follow these seven straightforward steps to improve your marketing for wedding photographers - we'll cover SEO, wedding copywriting, fairs, magazines & more

Are you looking to book more weddings? Capitalise a new corner of the market, increase your bookings at a certain venue, or expand into a new area? Whether you’re award-winning or at the very beginning, whatever drives your need for fresh advertising strategies and marketing for wedding photographers, you’re in the right place.

As a UK wedding copywriter, I work with some of the very best photographers, based both here in the UK and in jaw-dropping destinations like Cyprus and Ibiza too. And while pictures do speak a thousand words (especially when we’re talking weddings), those messages simply won’t get out there if no one can find them.

Try these tips for marketing for wedding photographers to increase your reach, raise your profile and, ultimately, book more weddings.

1 Start the search

You don’t need me to tell you that booking a photographer will be one of the first steps a couple take. That makes it oh-so important that you show up right on time when they start the search.

Considered keyword targeting across your website, boosted by regular SEO blog posts, will help you up your Google game. Even better, they’re all easy services to implement. You can choose to DIY or enlist the help of a UK wedding copywriter like me. Discover the DOs and DON’Ts of wedding copywriting.

2 Storytelling that sells

If there’s one goal of marketing for wedding photographers, it’s to convince couples to trust you to capture their dream day. It’s to build trust, a connection and to inspire them with images so utterly enchanting that they couldn’t imagine booking anyone else.

Who better to inspire them than your existing wedding clients? Publishing regular real weddings on your blog enables you to boost your SEO and share authentic, honest and heart-stealing stories from couples that your next clients can relate to.

3 Make connections

A recommendation (and backlink!) from a wedding venue’s recommended suppliers list can add credibility in both Google and a couple’s eyes. Reach out to venues you regularly capture weddings at. You could offer to share credited images for their gallery in return for inclusion on their partner suppliers list.

4 Set the scene

Maybe you’re looking to up your marketing for wedding photographers efforts because you want to become a go-to choice for somewhere new. If you don’t yet have a relationship with a venue in real time, you can still build the link digitally.

Create venue-focussed content on your blog with careful keyword targeting. These can catch the eye of couples considering that venue, so you’re front of mind as photographer too.

5 Hot off the press

Many couples want to make the most of the experience of being engaged as they begin to plan their weddings. Whether they encounter them at a boutique visit, are gifted copies by family and friends or can’t wait for their monthly subscription, wedding magazines and blogs are bound to play a part in the planning.

Securing real wedding features on the leading blogs or magazines can help build a name for your brand. It also ensures your press page looks glitteringly good when potential couples visit your website (and if you don’t, you know your competitors will). When you bag features online, your search engine ranking can also benefit from the backlinks and referral traffic, too.

Find out more about getting your wedding business featured in the press.

6 Show time

Exhibiting at wedding fairs and venue open days has long been a tried-and-tested option for marketing for wedding photographers. Be sure to pack your stand with more than photo albums alone. Have a follow-up plan in place to capitalise on the day’s in-person marketing efforts and keep you front of mind. Brochures, gift bags and email campaigns can all be great options.

7 Behind the scenes

There are a whole host of activities that the very best marketing for wedding photographers will tap into. From ensuring your back-end SEO categorisation is ticking all the boxes, to crafting a content strategy, adding ALT tags and formatting images to the ideal size and load speed, attention to detail behind the scenes can bring you surprisingly big results.


Take your marketing for wedding photographers further

As a UK wedding copywriter, I work with each and every one of my clients to create the perfect package of marketing tools. Together, we’ll create heart-fluttering content across a curated range of channels. The goal? To captivate couples and convert enquiries into bookings.

Whether you need someone to take the reins or simply to consult and review your DIY efforts, get in touch and take your marketing for wedding photographers to the next level.


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