Are you DIYing your wedding business marketing? Make sure you're sending couples the right message with these easy to use wedding business copywriting tips.

Whether you’re launching a new venture in the wedding industry or are ready to give your website a refresh, use these DOs and DON’Ts of wedding business copywriting to ensure your words are crafted for success.

DO celebrate what makes your wedding business unique.

Make sure your wedding business copywriting gets to the heart of your brand and USP. You want to stand out!

DON’T pile on the cliches.

Personality and detail are what will make you memorable in a crowded marketplace of wedding suppliers.

DO keep your sentences short and snappy.

Not only will this make your wedding business copywriting easier to read, it’ll also lead you to write in shorter paragraphs that are much more mobile friendly – essential when a large proportion of your web traffic comes from couples browsing on phones or tablets.

DON’T forget who you’re reaching out to.

When you begin wedding business copywriting, it’s easy to fall into the trap of writing all about you. The trick is to focus on what you can do with how it will help the couple.

DO include feedback from happy couples.

Their words and praise are instantly more relatable and reliable to other couples who are in a similar position. Be sure to ask them to recommend you over on your Facebook page too!

DON’T overdo it.

Whether you’re writing up a sparkling services page or creating a product description, concise, compelling copy trumps fluffy paragraphs every time.

DO update your blog regularly.

Not only can this boost your search engine ranking and bring in more visitors to your website, it’s also a way to showcase your style in depth and convince couples you’re the wedding supplier for them.


Whether it’s a polish and proofread, SEO overhaul or starting from scratch, if you’d like assistance with your wedding business copywriting, check out my range of tailored-to-you services. Let me know how I can help your wedding business.

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