How to get your wedding business featured in the press. Use this guide to choose magazines or blogs to pitch based on what you want to achieve.

Why Get Your Wedding Business Featured in the Press?


When you open up the pages of a glossy magazine and turn each beautifully inked page to land on one that features you, it’s a very exciting feeling.

You could have a product featured on a shopping page or your venue included in a themed round-up. You could submit sparkling images for inclusion in relevant planning features, or contribute expert quotes. Or, you could liaise with other wedding suppliers to submit a styled shoot or attention-grabbing competition.

There are lots of different options out there for how to get your wedding business featured in the press. That means it is worth taking the time to choose the content that will be most effective for your aims.

It’s also no secret that print magazines in particular can have long lead times between submitting content and being published. With the work, patience and possibility of rejection involved, you might be wondering why you’d want to get your wedding business featured in the press in the first place?

How to get your wedding business featured in the press. Use this guide to choose magazines or blogs to pitch based on what you want to achieve.
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Here are five brilliant benefits, beyond that cloud-nine moment of seeing your first press feature…


1 – Your business looks more credible

Add a press page to your website and make use of ‘featured on’ badges. Take the magazines your wedding business is featured in to open days and wedding fairs to display. If your wedding business is good enough for a magazine, couples can trust that you’ll deliver the dream on their day, too.


2 – You can reach more engaged couples

This is where choosing the right wedding magazine, blog or website to submit to becomes super important. One of the biggest benefits of getting your wedding business featured in the press is the exposure it brings you.

Now is your opportunity to get that publication’s audience to look at and notice your business – but only if you’re appealing to the right couples in the first place.

Take some time to think about whether you want local or national coverage. National features may sound more glamorous, but if your target market is local, it may not put you in front of couples looking for your wedding business in your chosen area.

Likewise, consider whether you want to be featured in print or online. Do you need to aim for a magazine or blog to get the results you want?


3 – You can get referral traffic to your wedding business website

This one is more easily achieved with online features where your website is just a click away. But, if you’re going for a print feature, apply the same principles as you would online. Add a call to action and your website link.

You’re relying on couples actively searching for you or typing in your website link, so it requires more commitment on their part. Think about how you could entice them to make that effort (like a limited-time offer) and highlight it in your print feature.


4 – Other wedding venues and vendors will notice you

Engaged couples aren’t the only people who rush to get their hands on wedding magazines. Lots of wedding suppliers do too, as they track down the latest trends, inspiration and industry influencers.

Getting your wedding business featured in the press can help you get on the radar of the wider wedding industry. This, in turn, can create opportunities for collaboration. Could you work together to organise a styled shoot for a magazine? Could you become a recommended supplier or book a stall at an exclusive venue’s wedding open day?


5 – You build your wedding business brand

If you’re striking out to make a name for your business within a specific section of the wedding market, becoming known as the go-to guru for your niche will contribute to your overall success.

Whether you specialise in spiritual ceremonies, outdoor weddings or country house luxury, focus your press releases, guest articles and styled shoots or wedding submissions on this. Repeated features will establish you as the must-have supplier in this field.

It’s a win-win, because by becoming known for these things, you’re also more likely to be chosen as an expert the next time a wedding copywriter or journalist covers a related topic.



Having worked for a national wedding magazine before becoming a wedding copywriter, I’ve got lots of practical advice to share. I still pitch and place features into wedding magazines today, so I know what editorial teams are looking for. It doesn’t need to be a mystery.

If you’d like some guidance or a hand crafting the perfect content to submit to the press, get in touch and we can talk through your ideas.

Have you had success getting your wedding business featured in the press? Share a link to your favourite feature and let us know how it helped you below.

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