Today on the blog I’m bringing you something other than tips from a wedding copywriter. This time I’m handing the reins over to Kat, the design guru behind Fraser & Co Design, who’s going to help you work out when a wedding business rebrand will pay off.

Did I mention she’s also the superstar that designed this website? Enjoy!



Whether you’ve been in business for 20 years or are just at the start of year two, it could be time to consider a wedding business rebrand. But, when is it really the right time?

Keeping your brand up to date is an essential part of your business strategy if you want to stay relevant and get those all-important bookings from couples.


Why does your wedding business need a quality brand strategy?

  • To create a consistent and recognisable face to your business.
  • To stand out among your competition – and there’s a lot of that!
  • To avoid confusion for your customers.
  • To attract and book your dream weddings.

Here, you’ll find the four most important reasons to rebrand your wedding business, as well as why they’ll resonate with your dream clients and help get you bookings.


Has your ideal customer changed?

Markets change, goals change and your ideal customer changes too. Businesses grow. Are you trying to reach couples in more counties? Perhaps your specialism has changed from boho to black tie?

Whether you have moved away from city weddings to focus on weddings with a view, or you’ve decided to offer your services to those with bigger budgets, it’s important to ensure that your branding appeals directly to this demographic.


Your brand is inconsistent

The simplest step to building a brand is to keep it consistent. But more often than not, this is the biggest hurdle wedding businesses face.

It’s easy to get distracted, using the new dreamy font that is all over Instagram without realising that the face of your brand is suffering as a result.

Consistency is key! It is what makes you memorable to your prospective clients. It’s what reminds them who they saw at the wedding fair they attended two months earlier. Each element of your design becomes a hallmark for your business, prompting couples’ memories who may otherwise be forgotten in the pile of potential suppliers.

If your logo, photography, colours or typography (and so much more) are unaligned and you aren’t seeing the bookings you want, then a rebrand could be for you. With the New Year and Valentine’s just behind us, hundreds of couples are newly engaged. Make the most of it by making an impression they’ll remember.


A change in ownership

This often results in immediate rebranding and more often than not, it’s a big one! The goal is to make this shift in ownership clear. Out with the old and in with the new.

It is all about developing a new brand to represent the intentions and direction that comes with the new ownership, while holding onto the elements that attracted you to buy the business in the first place.


You’re not attracting your dream clients (yet!)

There is nothing worse than getting 10 enquiries that result in 0 bookings. The reason: you’re not attracting the right couples.

Are your prospective couples expecting your services for less than they’re worth? If that’s the case, your profits may be taking a hit and it’s time to consider your next step forward.

If your brand message doesn’t align with what you offer and who you want it to resonate with, then take a minute to refocus. Creating a solid visual brand identity that speaks to your target couples will help win you the bookings you deserve.


Whether you're in your first or 15th year, if you're not getting the wedding bookings or budgets you want, find out how a wedding business rebrand can help.


The wedding market is always changing. Trends vary from year to year. Don’t let the signs that it’s time for a wedding business rebrand pass you by. If you’ve seen a shift in your wedding business and goals, keep your brand evolving steadily. It’ll be a rewarding investment.


Kat Fraser, owner of Fraser & Co Design, is a professional graphic designer specialising in brand and website design for wedding businesses. She focusses on getting straight to the heart of your brand – because that’s what sells it.

She pinpoints your brand identity, guided by what you believe in and makes you unique, who you want your brand to speak to and what you ultimately want to achieve. Using this in-depth information, Kat creates visual identities that make your brand strike a chord with couples.

Follow her on  Instagram and Pinterest for super pretty brand inspiration.

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