Make the wedding season a success with sparkling wedding venue advertising that brings a return on your time and investment. Start with these 5 strategies.

2020 has not been a year that the wedding industry could have predicted. I’ll wager that never have so many celebrations been postponed in one fell swoop. Never have so many couples needed your assistance, one to one, to rescue and reschedule their plans.

So while for the best part of this year, weddings have been off the cards, the admin hours have been off the scale. It can be tricky to find time to focus on your wedding venue advertising – but this is not something you can risk forgetting.

Lockdown may have paused plans, but love lives on. Couples have had more time than ever at home to start dreaming, researching and reaching out to venues for a dream day in the future. It’s a competitive market. What you do now won’t only impact bookings for this season, it can make or break your next season too.

So, what can you do to advertise your wedding venue this year, when conventional open days, wedding fairs and for a large time, even show arounds, have been off the table? Try these five steps to get your wedding venue advertising off to a flying start – it’s quicker and simpler than you think.


1 Google it!

There are no two ways about it – couples make the first moves to book their wedding online, whether that’s stumbling across an Instagram channel or making that all-important Google search. Do you know if your venue is showing up?

The broadest keyword phrases are often the most competitive, so consider how you can put your venue on the map with longer tail, but still location specific keyword phrases. Implement these across your blog and website landing pages and keep the optimised content coming for maximum effect.

Do it right (try my wedding copywriting DOs and DON’Ts for help) and you could even reduce your need to invest in paid-for Google ads!

2 Direct your directories

It can be so tempting to pick a handful of wedding venue directories, take out a listing and wait for the enquiries to roll in. And while that probably will bring you some enquiries, a more targeted approach is bound to do better.

Check your referral stats in Google Analytics and be sure to ask couples how they found you when they get in touch. Keep the top performing listings and begin to weed out the rest, freeing up your marketing budget to invest where you may see a better return.

Next, it’s time to enhance what you’re offering on each platform. Ensure your listing is filled with high quality images to set hearts racing. Add word-perfect copy to sell the experience as well as the nuts and bolts of your venue. Include any late availability, special offers and events to prompt couples to turn dreams into plans and close with that crucial call to action.

3 Throw open the doors

But for this year, that doesn’t have to be literally. Getting couples onto site and face to face can be make or break for your booking levels in normal times, so how can you emulate that from home?

360 degree virtual tours, special live streams from the venue, real wedding showcases. Now, more than ever, it’s essential to place your venue’s inspirational content at their finger tips. Instant access online reduces the risk of a couple’s interest fading as they can’t find the level of detail they want. These are people with big dreams and an insatiable curiosity as they plan the biggest day of their lives to date. Feed that hunger and show off your venue all with a click.

Likewise, ensure website clearly guides the way to get in touch, with regular calls to action to prompt couples to transition from just browsing to considering booking. Already in love with their virtual view of your beautiful spaces, your talented team can do the rest. As a UK wedding copywriter, I can add the finishing touches to your copy or even create something sparkling and new to showcase your venue at its best.

4 Inspire with imagery

Wedding couples are hungry for inspiration and the more you can feed their fantasies with inspirational ideas and images, the more opportunity you have to forge that connection and win their hearts.

Invite a professional photographer to capture your venue at its finest. Without the constraints of an actual wedding, you can capture the light at its finest (often very early or late in the day). Mingle these images with dreamy real wedding and styled shoot photos to get their inspiration flowing and their hearts fluttering. Make your venue the one they simply can’t resist!

5 Focus on experiences

It’s a trend that has crossed the border from travel and filled weddings with wow-factor features for the last few years. Increasingly, couples are looking to create an experience as much as an occasion. They want a celebration that is sometimes theatrical, often sustainable and always personal.

Guide them through the process and inspire them with ideas your venue can run with through regular advice-led blog posts. Round-ups, real weddings and how to blogs are all ways to embrace the trend and tap into the values couples connect with. There’s a reason SEO blog posts are one of the most popular services among my wedding copywriting clients.


With these five simple wedding venue advertising ideas up your sleeve, you’ll be all set to make the next wedding season (and beyond!) a success.

But whatever the year brings, planning, hosting and booking weddings takes time. A friendly, on-call, expert wedding copywriter could be just the help you need to succeed. Get in touch and we’ll collaborate to create the best balance for your time, budget and bookings.

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